Delicious Interesting Cuisine At Home

Okay, so I live on my own and I’m not the best chef. I know I know, for someone who loves talking about food all the time you would think I would know how to cook well but the truth is far from that. In fact, I’m recently been bombarded with home mailers and online ads in one form or another for one of these meal delivery services.

The idea of these meal delivery services is something I’ve actually been thinking about for a while. They come with all the ingredients you need along with supposedly easy to prepare recipes and theyre delivered to your home with fresh ingredients.

Now my main problem with cooking has always been the fact that since I’m mostly preparing a meal for one person, many of my ingredients tend to go to waste. Also, sometimes I end up having to eat the same meal too many times in one week if I prepared too much. Also, I can’t find enough recipes I’d like to try without having to experiment with ingredients I’ve never used before.

I feel like these meal delivery services really take care of a lot of the problems I’ve had with home cooking before. I could still prepare and eat food at home that is healthy and fresh and not have to worry about throwing away food or eating the same meal too many times.

My only problem now is trying to find out which of these meal prep companies to try. Home Chef? Blue Apron? Hello Fresh? It also seems like there’s a new one of these services coming out everyday.

Most of the people I know have tried Blue Apron and they like it and have been pretty happy with them for the most part. I’d love to hear if any of you have tried any of these meal delivery services and which one you would recommend or stay away from.

Help a brother out. You can send me a message here and let me know about your experience wit these home meal delivery services.

My stomach and I thank you in advance.